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Safety first when you are driving. Bald tires means no road traction. Your car needs to brake effectivley in any type of weather. When you need new tires come see us at Circle Brake.  We have a large selection, and the right tire to fit your vehicle.

- Do not overinflate your tires. You risk a blow-out.

- Do not underinflate your tires.

- Check the tread on your tires regularly.

- Do not ride on bald tires.

- Rotate your tires regularly.

The less tread your tires have, the less grip they have. Be safe and get new tires today!

- Knowledgeable sales people

- Incredible selection of brands

- All sizes of tires for your vehicle

- Many terrain types

- Incredible service

Great selection of new tires in stock!

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No matter why you bring your vehicle in to our shop, we'll take care of you. Get new tires and have them installed quickly. We can also take care of all you auto repair and maintenance needs in no time. Contact us today to set up your appointment!


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