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When you need repair on your vehicle, bring it to us and we'll have it back to you in no time. Call us for dependable repair, experienced technicians, and honest pricing. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection.

- Your fluids are changed on time

- Oil changes are done on schedule

- Change brake, transmission, and antifreeze

   fluids at 30,000 miles:

-  Maintenance checks done every

    15,000 miles

Trust our experienced technicians. Satisfaction guaranteed!

- Oil changes

- Brake and transmission repair

- Tires

- Engine diagnostics

- Suspensions

- Shocks and struts

- Wheel alignment

- Air conditioning repair

All work is guaranteed

by Napa Autocare Center.

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Our services include:

You and your car deserve the best in auto repair, and you can get that in our shop. We have seen it all before and successfully fixed it. Come see us for all your auto maintenance and repair needs or to get new tires.

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Other services include:

- Engine, fuel systems, emissions and performance

- Cooling system service and repair

- Engine repair and service

- Air conditioning and heating maintenance service and repair

- Brake systems, wheels, and tires

- Electrical systems service and repair

- Transmissions and clutch repair

- All maintenance service